A beach bag filled with goodies must be the ultimate gift to give to your beach-loving best friend, family member or partner! Beach bag can make for the perfect and versatile gift, as you can fill it up with little treats and goodies that align with the giftee’s interests, personality, and of course - beach day activities. In this blog we’ll guide you through some of the things you can put in a Beach Bag Gift. Make it fully functional and the most personalized to your loved one as possible. 

Whether it is for a birthday, as a wedding or bachelorette gift or you just want to give a beach bag to someone special as a vacation gift, look no further, as we’ll help you discover what to fill up a beach bag gift with.

Choose  the Perfect Beach Bag

First, you’ll ofcourse need to find the perfect beach bag, that will act both as a gift bag and a spacious tote to follow your friend on all of their adventures. To make it more versatile, opt for one that can act as both a beach bag as well as a day-to-day tote. Different types of bags that you can look into include simple tote bags, big straw bags or bags with a lot of compartments and pockets. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for your beach bag gift, there’s three factors you should keep in mind:

  • Durability: Bags that are timeless and durable will last a lifetime. Picking out gifts mindfully pays off! There’s not a better gift out there, than a gift that will remind them of you for years to come, while being high-quality and well-made in general.
  • Size: Think about which size of the bag your friend will appreciate the most. Small bags can be great for carrying the necessities such as phone, sunscreen, lipgloss and a wallet, while large bags will also carry beach throws, cover ups, drinks and snacks. Which will they use more? Do they already have a mini bag, but need a more spacious one? We can assure you that both will look chic and stylish.
  • Style: Lastly, you need to think about their style and what they usually wear. If they love adding pops of colors to their outfits, find a bag that will complement that, and if they prefer the navies and neutrals, find a bag that follows that. If they’re more of a capsule closet type of person, find a bag that will go with everything, such as a straw bag, but if they just simply love collecting pieces and accessories, try to find something that will stand out from the rest. We know you got this!
  • Think outside the box: Why opt for a regular beach bag, when you can choose a cooler tote that will keep the drinks and snacks cool for hours, besides just carrying all of your necessities.

Next, we’ll list some beach bag gift ideas. Make it special and personal! 

Animation of cloth beach bags being unfolded.

Beach Essentials and Must Haves

Here’s a few ideas on what to put in a beach bag gift for our friend. Firstly, you should of course include at least one essential beach accessory.

Beach throws 

Beach throws are the perfect and super versatile beach essential, that can also make for a great centerpiece to your gift. They will come in handy from the first spring sunray to the last windy, yet warm days in the fall. Perfect for hanging out at the park, at the beach year or on the porch year round. 

Packable Hats

Sun hats are the perfect thing to add to the beach themed gift. They’re perfect for adding that UPF to protect your hair from the harmful sun rays, and they’re the best way to elevate your style in seconds. Packable hats are also great, since they allow you to fold and pack them, without wrinkling them up!

Other must-haves

You can also fill up the beach bag gift with other beach necessities such as sunglasses, sandals, towels and more. These are just some of the beach bag birthday gift ideas you can use for your friend’s gift. Next we’ll discuss sun protection and snacks!

Sun Protection

We’ve already quickly mentioned sun hats to protect hair from the sun, but let’s not forget the importance of sunscreen for protecting our skin. Make sure that the giftee has sunscreen available on the go and put your favorite one in their beach bag gift. Other elements that can provide them sun protection are UPF sun hats, lip balms, sunglasses, and coverups or kaftans

We think adding at least one sun protection item is a must for a beach day inspired gift! Keeping hydrated is yet another factor that is so important for everyday, as well as beach days. Include a cute water bottle or an insulated tumbler when filling up the beach bag gift!


White straw tote bag over a woman's shoulder.

Fun Time and Chill Time

Now that we’ve covered the necessities, sun protection and keeping hydrated, it’s time for gifts and items that’ll provide entertainment and relaxation. Think about what activities your friend enjoys the most on the beach and put some items to highlight that in their beach bag gift. If they love reading, look into personalized bookmarks or book stands for the beach. Another idea to fill up their beach bag gift is a portable speaker, or if they love board and card games find a portable game they’ll love to have on the go. Offer ideas for beach-friendly entertainment such as waterproof speakers, books, or a portable beach game set.

For a friend who loves to relax and unwind on the beach, look into aromatherapy mists, cooling towels, noise blocking headphones or floaties. These are just some of the beach bag gift items you could fill up the bag with.

Snacks and Drinks for your Beach Bag Gift

Who doesn’t love a good beach-day snack and home-made ice tea? These are just 2 of the ideas of which snacks and refreshments to include in your friend's beach bag gift. You can never go wrong with a refreshing drink such as coconut water or flavored sparkling water, but as always you should include the special drinks you know your friend can never get enough of.

As for snacks, keep in mind that you have to include foods that won’t melt in the sun (unless you have a Cooler Tote, of course). Think trail mix, dried fruit and granola bars. For the best possible beach day also put eco friendly single use utensils and cups into your beach day gift.

Straw beach bag with bottles and towels on rocks.

Beach Bag Gifts for Special Occasions

If your beach bag gift is meant for a special occasion, such as a wedding, for your favorite teacher or for a bachelorette party, here are some more personalized ideas.

Bachelorette Beach Bag Gift Ideas

Say thank you to your bridesmaids, give them a little something at your bachelorette party. If going to the beach is one of the activities you all love doing together, the beach bag gift is the way to go. Here are some ideas on what to put in a beach bag gift for your bridesmaids:

  • Perfume samples that go with the theme of your wedding. 
  • After sun care kit.
  • A small bag to put their toiletries and skincare in.
  • Scrunchies for hair clips that match the theme of your wedding
  • Matching cover ups, sunglasses or headbands.
  • Bottle openers, themed straws or food picks.

Teacher Beach Bag Gift Ideas

If you’re thinking of a teacher appreciation gift or have a friend who is a teacher - here’s some ideas you might find useful.

  • Fill up their beach bag with books or magazines - especially if they’re a bookworm.
  • A short note goes a long way. Write something about how much you appreciate them and to have a nice and relaxing summer.
  • A notebook and cute stickers and markers to decorate their new notebook with.
  • A personalized tote bag, bookmark or a mug. That personalized touch goes a long way and makes everything seem even more special.
  • A fan.

Beach Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Invited to a beach birthday party? That’s so exciting! Match the party’s theme by getting the celebrant a birthday gift they’ll for sure use and love for years to come - A beach bag gift. Fill it up with everything they need for a successful trip to the beach, including snacks and drinks and join them for their next beach-day as well. 

  • No party is complete without a themed drinkware! Get some cute reusable cups, your friend can use later on as well and remember the fun times you had together!
  • A beach throw will be a must for any birthday party, to avoid sand getting in your food and drinks.
  • Find a beach-themed item to include in your beach bag gift - something they can use for every beach trip. Some ideas include a floatie, personalized towel and a waterproof speaker.

Honeymoon Beach Bag Gift Ideas

If your bestie is going to a honeymoon destination at which she’ll beach-lounge all day long, save her a piece of her mind and curate a beach bag gift for her. Include everything she’ll need for lounging at the beach all day long, and make sure she won’t have to worry about planning her wardrobe for her honeymoon.

  • Matching swimsuits for him and her, alongside some cute cover ups.
  • A notebook and cute stickers and markers to decorate their new notebook with.
  • A personalized tote bag, bookmark or a mug. That personalized touch goes a long way and makes everything seem even more special.
  • A fan.

Now you know what to put in a beach bag gift for your loved one. If you find an item for sun protection, refreshment and entertainment to fill up the bag, you’re already winning this whole gift game. This will make for a thoughtful gift that anyone would remember, as it is versatile and fully functional. Now wait no longer and shop for a beach bag to fill up with all of the goodies!

Written by Cooper cooper@hatattack.com

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