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Baseball caps are a versatile and timeless hat that can be worn as both a fashion statement and functional accessory. Caps are a simple style that is a customer favorite for laid back days, protecting your face from the sun and topping off a casual look. Season to season, baseball caps will always be a go to style for Hat Attack's collection.

FAQ - Baseball Caps

Can baseball caps be washed?

It is recommended that baseball caps be hand washed, or spot cleaned only.

Where to buy baseball caps?

You can buy baseball caps in a clothing store, or online retailer. We offer classic caps to be worn casually.

How baseball caps are made?

Baseball caps are made by cutting and sewing pieces of fabric together. The panels and pieces for the peak of the cap are cut using a dye. They are then sewn together, along with the other elements of the hat, the cardboard or plastic peak, back closure, and often eyelets.