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FAQ - Bucket Hats

When were bucket hats popular?

Bucket hats became popular in the 1980s and stayed a trend through the 1990s. Recently, within the last few years, bucket hats have come back into fashion. From runways to street and influencer style, these hats are being seen as a trend again for summer 2024 and beyond.

Are bucket hats cool?

Bucket hats are back in style! From the runway to the streets, bucket hats are being shown everywhere in current fashion.

Where to buy bucket hats?

Hat Attack has a large selection of bucket hats. Hat Attack's classic cotton "crusher" is an iconic style bucket hat that is made in the USA. All materials are us made, and the parts are cut & sewn in the Bronx, NY factory. These are available for purchase on our website www.hatattack.com.