What size are your hats?

All of our hats are a standard 57cm headsize. Depending on the crown height and shape of the hat, each hat fits slightly differently. 

Why don't your hats come in sizes?

We have always been a "one size fits most" company. We find that with our large variety of hat shapes that we do have something for everyone!

I have a big/small head, help! 

Many of our hats have an adjustability feature. Please check the description, or email orders@hatattack.com for help finding the best hat for you! 

What is your return policy?

For our full return policy, click here 

My hat is damaged, what can I do?

Hats (especially blocked felts and panamas) are fragile garments. Please handle them with care, and avoid water (yes even at the beach!). They are not waterproof, but rather the opposite, made of natural materials that will not hold shape in the water. Hat Attack is not responsible for damages such as water or cracked hats from wear. However if your hat arrives damaged or your box does not arrive in perfect condition, please reach out to us at orders@hatattack.com 

Are your hats packable? How can I pack a hat for my trip? 

Our packable hats are marked "packable" in their description. Not all of our hats are considered packable, but YES, they can be packed if you are careful to stuff the crown of the hat, and then pack carefully around the brim. 

I have a shop and am interested in carrying your line, who do I contact?

Please email orders@hatattack.com

Where can I find Hat Attack locally so I can try hats on?

Please email orders@hatattack.com to help find a store near you. We are stocked in boutiques all over the world.