Fashion and functionality are becoming more and more blended with every season, and we’re all here for it - especially when it comes to choosing a beach outfit. The perfect beach outfit is airy, light, offers sun protection and lets us carry all of our necessities with us - and all of that while matching your pinterest board for Beach Vacation Outfit for 2024. It sounds like an impossible task, but it’s easier than you might think as all of the functional elements are already a part of the pieces you’ve been wanting to grab. 

Let’s jump ahead and get you your dream outfit for your 2024 vacation.

Chic and Protective Sun Hats

When choosing your beach outfits, find a way for sun protecting elements to find their way onto the beach with you. UPF sun hats will protect you from sun rays and elevate any beach look. However, when looking for a hat to accompany your beach visits you should look for the one you’ll actually want to wear. 

Some of the trending styles for 2024 include bucket hats. Bucket hats have become popular over the last few years, and we’re sure they’re here to stay, as they’re one of the most versatile hat styles. 

Raffia Bucket Hat on model at beach

Straw hats can be an accessory to any beach look, but wearing them with a straw bag will beautifully tie in all of the straw elements and make the look feel complete and elevated. 

A casual beach day calls for a casual outfit. Any better way to achieve that than with a baseball cap. Perfect for sightseeing, walks around the beach and cities, as well as for playing beach sports.

Woman with white baseball cap.


The last but not least on our list of trending sun hats for 2024 is the classic and timeless fedora

Woman holding white panama hat.

When choosing the right sun hat for 2024 you should consider the following:

  • Your face shape: shopping for hats online can be difficult, as you can’t try the hats on before buying them. However, considering your face shape can help you find the hat that will be the right match!
  • Your lifestyle: When deciding which hat to shop for you also need to consider the activities you’ll be doing in your sun hat - will you be playing beach games, lounging in the sun, traveling or sightseeing? 
  • What does the rest of your wardrobe look like? Find the hat that will complement the rest of your beach looks for easy mix and matching.

Travel-Friendly Packable Hats

Traveling with a hat can be quite a hassle. If you know you’re looking for a hat to travel with, keep in mind that folding and packing can wrinkle your favorite sun hat and damage it. Packable hats, however, can withstand being folded and packed into a suitcase, and will pop into their original shape when unpacked in your destination.

Instructions how to fold a packable hat.

Besides suitcases, they also come in handy for when you’re packing your beach bag, and  you can have yours ready on the go.

Versatile Beach Attire

Cover Ups are the most versatile beach wear out there. We love wearing cover ups and kaftans over swimwear, and taking them off before going on a swim. Since coverups are made from light and airy material it will feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all! But how should you choose the right cover up for your beach vacation in 2024? There are 3 elements to consider:

  • Material: we believe cover ups should be made of breathable and light fabric, but there are more options on the market to consider when looking for a cover up for yourself. Do you want it to be sun protective, or is your priority being super light and airy? 
  • Style: what do you think of when you think of a coverup? Are you envisioning a summer dress or is it more of a kaftan? Are you going for a mini or a maxi length?
  • Lifestyle: Just like with any other piece of clothing, think of when you are planning to wear it. If you’re planning to wear it as a dress when you’re out and about as well as on the beach, make sure it’s not see through (if that’s not what you’re about), and iif you want to wear it to the beach before going for a swim, make sure it’s easy to dress and undress in seconds.

Lastly, have fun with styling your cover ups. Don’t be afraid to add belts, purses, necklaces and other accessories to layer with your beach cover ups.

Spacious Beach Bags

Beach bags aren’t just accessories, they are also the essential part of making any beach or pool trip a success. However, not every bag serves the same purpose.

  • Mini bags are more of a fashion statement than a functional bag that can carry multiple items - they might only be big enough to carry some chapstick, your phone and a card which doesn’t make them ideal for a day long beach lounging session. However they can be super practical as they’re not a hassle to carry around.
  • Crossbody bags are, just like mini bags, not the ideal beach bag for long beach sessions, but they can make a great accessory and are also strapped onto your waist or chest for easy carrying and access!
  • Beach totes are perfect for beach days, and we love them even more if they have lots of pockets and compartments to carry all of our necessities for the beach.
Model holding straw bag with straps that hold a sun hat walking in the sand

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bag for your beach outings, it’s time to style it to elevate your beach look. Here are some tips to elevate your beach look:

  • Mix and match textures: experiment with textures and see which look matches the vibe you are going for the best. Try out a straw bag with a woven cotton cover up dress, or linen shirt and pants. Another way to match your bag to your outfit is by finding a hat that has the same material and texture as the hat.
  • Tie a ribbon on your bag. If you feel like your bag is missing a pop of color tying a ribbon or a scarf to it is a fun and stylish way to make your outfit more colorful.
  • Day to night: if you’re heading straight to the town after your night out opt for a beach bag that can double as a stylish tote.

Stylish and Functional Cooler Bags

Beach bags are all fun, but have you seen the cooler bags disguised as beach bags?! These have the look and feel of a regular beach tote, with the ‘cool’ of including insulation on the inside of the bag which will keep your drinks and snacks cool and fresh throughout your beach lounging day. Stay hydrated and stylish!

Beach essentials are becoming a part of our beach outfits, and we’re loving how the trends are becoming more and more practical over the years. In 2024 don’t forget to include UPF protection, cool drinks and a stylish cover up into your beach vacation outfit.

Written by Cooper

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