Traveling with a hat can be a pretty overwhelming experience. All of the carrying, getting stuck and always looking out for yet another item you really don’t want to lose or forget somewhere isn’t something we want to do on our time off traveling. But on the other hand, you still want to take it with you, elevate your style and add some SPF to your look at any time. We know the struggle - that’s why we prepared a beginners guide on how to travel with a hat, so that you won’t have to leave your hat at home while traveling ever again. 

We hope our tips and tricks, from specialized options to DIY ways, help you and your hat get to your destination safely and soundly, without any hassle or damage. Since planning ahead is key, don’t wait any longer and dive in - discover our options for keeping your hat safe while traveling.

Carry Your Hat in a Traveler Bag

The dream scenario for any travel is keeping your hat in your hand’s reach without a hassle. Enter Traveler each Bag - our specialized solution, made to keep your favorite sunhat safe and sound throughout your journey.

Our Traveler Bag is more than just a beach bag, the “personal item” on your flight or a regular tote. Beside being all of the above, it also makes for the perfect accessory for your day to day life as well as your travels. It is also perfect for traveling with a hat - it comes with handy straps that will fit any hat size, so you can slip your hat in whenever you want to take it off.

If that isn’t perfect for sightseeing, we don’t know what is! Our Traveler Bag comes in multiple timeless and classic color options from classic and striped straw options, to plain and navy striped canvas options. It’s spacious enough to carry all of your beach and travel essentials, and can carry your hat as well.

Packable white hat and beach bag.

Travel with Any Hat Using Our Hat Loop 

Another tip on how to travel with a hat can be made easy with a hat loop if you’ve been eyeing other bags as well. Most of our beach bags come with a hat loop, which allows you to loop it through the brand tag  on your hat and attach it to your bag handles! That way anywhere your bag goes, your hat follows, and you can decide to loop or unloop your hat at any time to wear it.

Colorful beach bag with hat loop.

Packable Hats - Fold, Pack and Go

Traveling with a hat can be a piece of cake if you have the right kind of hat. Cue packable hats - these will become your favorite travel accessory since you pack them in your suitcase along with your clothes. Once you unpack them they will pop right back into their original shape. All you have to do to pack them is hold your hat on either side of the brim, and fold the brim upwards and in. Then you can simply pack it in your suitcase or even a tote bag to have your hat ready on the go whenever you need it when you’re out and about.

Packable hats are the best option to travel, especially since it will take all of the worries off of your mind. You won’t have to wonder about whether your hat will get scrunched, whether you’ll forget it after taking it off in a cafe and most importantly you can keep it in your hand’s reach at all times! 

Felt pachable hats in beige, brown and grey color.

At Hat Attack you can shop for packable felt hats that are hand blocked by local workers in our Stamford, CT factory. These come in a variety of versatile styles that will perfectly complement all of your outfit choices when you’re traveling or simply enjoying what your local area has to offer. For your spring and summer travels, look into our spring packable styles, that come in a variety of options as well. From visors to fedoras, find the hat to fold, pack and enjoy on your travels.

Protect Your Hat DIY Style when Traveling

There are also some DIY options on how to travel with a hat, which are perfect for all of you resourceful travelers. One way to do so when traveling with a suitcase is using a pillowcase and clothing you’re already carrying with you while traveling. You can place your hat carefully inside of a pillowcase, and place small clothing items below and around the brim in your suitcase to keep it in place (make sure your crown isn’t being squished) At the end add some more small items inside the crown, to have it keep its shape in the suitcase. 

While doing this process keep in mind that your goal is to make sure that your favorite hat keeps its shape inside of your suitcase. Doing it yourself is a budget friendly option for all travelers who like using items they already have laying around and repurposing them to fit their needs before buying. We hope this trick will help you when traveling with a hat, or just trying to get a newly bought hat back home. Hoo-ray for resourcefulness! 

Infographic how to travel with a hat.

Hat Care & Travel Essentials

If you’re a more frequent traveler wondering how to travel with a hat, and you also carry a hat with you more often than not, then DIY options might not be sufficient enough to keep your hat safe throughout many travels. There are many accessories you can get to keep your hat safe while traveling, and at home. Investing in a good hat box is one of the options that can be used to protect your hat from the dust, moths (especially for felt hats) and damage. Even further they can protect your sun hats, fedoras and brimmed hats when traveling and prevent them from being damaged in the process of loading and unloading from the plane, car etc.

Traveling with a hat doesn’t seem as much of a hassle now than it did before, does it? We really hope you decide to take your hat out for a spin on your next travels and enjoy all of the benefits a hat can bring you. Happy traveling!

Written by Cooper

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