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FAQ - Packable Hats

How to pack a hat?

There are a few ways to pack a hat. Some of the Hat Attack styles are 'packable' which means they can either be folded or rolled into a suitcase or beach bag. If a hat is not "packable" it may be made of a more fragile material, such as a panama straw, which needs to be treated more carefully. These hats should be stuffed with clothing, then surrounded by rolled or folded items in your suitcase, so that the hat is fully protected inside the bag for travel.

Can straw hats be packable?

Depending on the materials, straw hats can be packable. Most packable hats have a medium or small sized brim, and are made of a mix of paper straw, nylon, and polyester. Certain high quality panama straws can also be considered packable.

Where to buy packable hats?

Packable hats are available online through many retailers, clothing and accessories stores mostly. They can also be found in gift shops while traveling.