Raffia is a fiber that has been widely used in various crafts for centuries. Its incredibly versatile nature makes it the perfect sustainable material for accessories such as sun hats and bags. Raffia accessories, such as hats, bags, clutches or even belts are super durable and can also be the accessory you’ll love for years to come - only if you take care of it properly.

What is Raffia?

Raffia is only sourced from Raffia Palm trees, which only grow in tropical African regions, mainly Madagascar. It is produced by peeling the leaves off of a tree and drying them to dry out, yielding long, flexible, and strong fibers. These features also make raffia an extremely durable material and the perfect choice for different crafts, such as weaving, baskets, home decor, jewelry and even Raffia sun hats.

Why Choose a Raffia Hat?

This brings us to the main question - what is so great about raffia hats?

First, since raffia hats are made from natural fibers, they are the perfect eco-friendly choice and a sustainable option to many other hats we can find on the market. Till this day, raffia is the most sustainable material known to hat makers. At Hat Attack, we always stand by the quality and sustainability of our products.

Second, even though raffia is a durable and strong material, that doesn’t take away from its comfortability. It’s light and breathable, which makes raffia hats extremely easy to wear, even on hot summer days.

Lastly, the tight weave of the raffia sun hats here at Hat Attack makes them sun protective, offering 50+ UPF protection against the sun and its harmful rays. You should always stay protected from the sun, to avoid hair and skin damage.

Raffia Hat: Functional and Stylish

Raffia hats are not just practical; they can also make any outfit elevated or stylish. Here at Hat Attack, you can find raffia hats to fit any style, as they come in different styles and come with different touches. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Chic Crochet Bucket Hat

Hand crocheted by artisans with a thigh weave, this hat is the perfectly chic and modern take on the beloved bucket hat.

Raffia Bucket Hat on model on couch

Quinn Rancher

For the jewelry lover - why not add jewelry to your hat as well? This beautifully weaved rancher hat is the perfect timeless piece that will add a little something to any outfit.

Woven raffia straw hat with metal chainlink detail

Seaside Continental

A raffia hat with a touch of a stylish fringe. This one is trimmed with a lavender print, but it comes in even more colors that match our cover ups as well.

Straw hat with fringe detail on brim and lavender floral fabric trim


Why Choose a Raffia Bag?

First, and mostly relating to our point about sustainability, raffia is a super durable material, meaning that raffia bags (and hats) will last you for years to come. This means that you won’t need to shop for a new one every year, bringing down your CPW (cost-per-wear), if only you take good care of your brand new raffia accessory.

Second, raffia bags come in different weaves and styles, meaning that you won’t be deprived of choosing the bag that will be the perfect match for your wardrobe as well as your lifestyle.

Different Styles of Raffia Bags

Straw Belt Bag

This belt bag looks a lot like a straw one, but it’s actually made of raffia, with a linen lining - even the belt part is made completely of raffia. Besides, it also comes with a shoulder strap so you can wear it in 5 different ways! This bag will be the perfect hands free solution for your day to night outfits.

Model sitting and wearing straw belt bag at waist

Leah Bag

This mini raffia bag is the epitome of chic! Our Tort Fringed bag is the perfect bag for a night out when you’re on a vacation. It might only carry the necessities, but it will bring your outfit to a completely new level.

Straw bag with fringed detail, tortoise handles and thin crossbody strap

Traveler Bag

This bag has been a best-seller of ours for years, and it’s also made of raffia! Not only is it big enough to carry everything you need for a successful trip to the beach, but it will also carry your hat - perhaps even a raffia one?


Model holding straw bag with straps that hold a sun hat walking in the sand

Raffia hats and bags offer a blend of style, sustainability, and functionality that make them a standout accessory choice. If you decide to shop for a raffia accessory, you’re not just shopping for an accessory that will stand out, you’re also making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice that will last.


What is a raffia hat?

Raffia hats are made of long dried Raffia palm leaves. These fibers are extremely durable, which makes raffia hats a long lasting and sustainable accessory for hot days.

Can you wash a raffia hat?

You shouldn’t wash a raffia hat! Raffia hats and bags should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. You should take it to the dry cleaner to get rid of the tougher stains.

Are raffia bags durable?

Raffia bags are super durable and will last you a long time if you take good care of them. However, keep in mind that raffia is somehow stretchy, so make sure you don’t place super heavy items into a raffia bag without a lining, as that might stretch it.

Is raffia long lasting?

Raffia naturally contains resin, which makes all raffia accessories long lasting, flexible and tough. To this day it’s the most sustainable material known to hat makers.

Is raffia waterproof?

While raffia is a super durable fiber, it is not completely waterproof. It naturally contains resin which makes it slightly water resistant, but it isn’t waterproof.

Written by Cooper cooper@hatattack.com

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