Shopping for hats can be difficult in person, and even more online. Understanding how different hat styles complement specific face shapes can greatly impact whether or not a hat looks good on someone. 

This guide will help you find your face shape and help you choose the perfect hat for it. We believe that finding that one perfect hat, which will last you years, is truly magical. It's soon going to turn out to be your favorite accessory to uplift an outfit.

Identifying Your Face Shape

As we mentioned, finding your face shape is the most important thing as it will help you determine what hat is the perfect fit for your face. Let’s start out with that.

Measure your face

To understand your face's proportions, take the following measurements:

  1. Forehead, find horizontal measurement at its widest point,
  2. Cheekbones at their widest point, below the outer corner of your eyes,
  3. Jawline, from your chin to where your jawline angles upward below your ear, and multiply by 2 to get your measurement for the full jawline,
  4. Face length in the center, from your hairline to the chin.
Diverse facial contours and their categorization to aid in the quest for the perfect hat.

Determine your face shape

  • Round Face: Your face is likely round if all the numbers you have written are fairly similar. 
  • Square face: Your face has similar measurements but different angles. Round faces have soft curves, while square faces have more defined angles. 
  • Oval Face: If your face length is greater than the width of your cheekbones, you have an oval face.
  • Oblong faces: Oblong faces are easy to spot, since the length of your face is noticeably larger than other measurements. 
  • Heart face: A heart-shaped face has cheekbones and a forehead that are wider than the jawline. If you have trouble deciding on your face shape, we describe each one more in detail below.

Hats for Round Faces

A round face is characterized by its soft, curved lines. It usually also appears to be as tall as it is wide. People who have a round face, usually also have fuller cheeks and jaw and forehead of a similar width, which creates a circular appearance. Round faces tend to look youthful and cheerful. You can blend in perfectly by wearing a baseball cap.

With a round face, it's generally best to avoid hats with rounded crowns as they can make your face appear even rounder. Look for hats that give your face more angles, have a visually slimming effect and have a higher crown. For example fedoras have a higher crown, which will make your face look taller to oval it out. 

Some of our panama hats will also slim your face down and add more angles.

For the colder months, we recommend beanies! Beanies that sit low on your forehead and have a tall crown can make your head look longer. They can also make your face appear more angular. Additionally, these beanies will keep you warm and cozy.

Here are some of Hat Attack’s hats that’ll perfectly complement your round face:

Panama Continental Fedora with a Ribbon

This Panama Continental Fedora with a Ribbon has a clean brim and high crown, making your round face appear taller. Choose from a variety of fedoras in different colors and trims to compliment your wardrobe.

Fedora with a Ribbon has a clean brim and high crown, making your round face appear taller.

Marley Felt Fedora with a Leather Trim

This medium brim fall fedora features a wide leather trim detail and is made of 100% Wool Felt. Wear it slightly slanted to create a more asymmetrical look! 

Wear fadora slightly slanted to create a more asymmetrical look!

Hats for Oval Faces

An oval face, like a round face, has a rounded jaw. The two face shapes differ in length. The length is approximately 1.5 times the width.

This gives the face shape the appearance of an egg. Your forehead is also likely larger than your jawline. If your face looks like this, you're lucky! It's all your choice - you can wear any hat style you like. Try out a Rancher Hat for a fun yet trendy look, or opt for the Bucket hat style. 

Raffia Bucket Hat

This Raffia bucket hat just gives off summer vibes! Paired with a sundress and a straw beach bag, you’ll be beach ready in seconds. You can also find more bucket hat styles and colors to fit your style better. Try different styles to find a look you love, as your face shape will suit many options.

Raffia bucket gives off summer vibes.

Panama XL

Panama XL hat has a larger brim and SPF protection to shield you from the sun's rays.

Panama XL with SPF protection to shield you from the sun's rays.

Hats for Square Faces

A square face has nearly the same cheekbone, jawline, and forehead width. Square faces with strong features should avoid wearing angular hats as it can make them look odd and out of proportion. For instance, hats with a round brim or a rounded crown can soften your face and give the illusion of height.

Hats with a round brim or crown make your face look smoother and create the illusion of being taller. Opt for a bucket hat or a cowboy hat, and for winter try on a beret! Berets look great tilted, and tilting it will break up the symmetrical pattern of your face shape. On the contrary, avoid smaller brim hats or no-brim hats, as these will emphasize your face shape.

Round crown to soften your face angles

To round out your square face opt for a sunhat with a rounded crown.

To round out your square face opt for a sun hat with a rounded crown. This hat will create an illusion of a less angular face as it will soften your features.

Hats for Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face has a pointed chin, broad forehead, and broad cheekbones. If you find yourself in this description, we recommend hats that are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. This will make your face look more oval.

Baseball caps and fedoras are great for summer vacations. You can also find colorful fedoras for the fall season to match your outfits.

However try to avoid more flowy or floppy brims, as it can accentuate the broad upper half of your face. Look for medium and wide brim sun hats and cowboy hats.

Sun hat

Sunhat, a pair of sunglasses and an amalfi dress.

Sun hat, a pair of sunglasses and an amalfi dress. This look will create the perfect combination for your beach vacation.

Cowboy hat

Our cowboy hats are bestsellers for a reason. Trendy, yet timeless, they’ll elevate your beachy outfits, as well as your styling when you’re out and about running errands. 

Trendy cowboy hat are timeless for your beachy outfits.

Hats for Oblong Faces

An oblong face is obviously longer than it is wide. Its width in forehead, cheekbones and chin will be similar in measurement, and it often features a high forehead.

To make your face look shorter and forehead smaller, wear a hat with a low top and a wide brim. A hat with a wider brim might make your face seem shorter, as it counterbalances the vertical curves of your face. Avoid beanies and tall crowns, since these will only elongate your face even more.

A wide-brimmed sun hat

This wide-brimmed sun hat will balance out your face with a very strong horizontal line of a brim.

This wide-brimmed sun hat will balance out your face with a very strong horizontal line of a brim.


At the end of the day, it is not all about your face shape alone in choosing the right hat. It also comes with personal styling and confidence about it. Choose a hat that complements your outfits or one that elevates your overall style.

Hats can be a challenge to incorporate into your daily outfits, but once you find the perfect hat and you start getting it you’ll never want to go back. Dive into the world of hats on Hat Attack, happy shopping!

Written by Cooper

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