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Choose from our collection of straw and wool felt fedoras to add a touch of style to your outfit. A hat like this will be your go to for it's simple and classic design. We offer small and large brimmed as well as untrimmed and trimmed styles. Fedoras are a summer staple to protect you from the sun as well as a stylish add- on during chilly months. This hat, also known as a continental or rancher is both a classic and timeless accessory designed to be worn all year long.

FAQ - Fedoras

How to wear fedoras?

A fedora adds a touch of style to any outfit. Add a fedora to a casual outfit of jeans and a t shirt, or a fall dress with boots. You can wear a fedora outside or indoors throughout the fall and winter.

When were fedoras popular?

A fedora is any style blocked hat with a pinched crown. Fedoras have been in style for many years. Currently larger brimmed fedoras are more popular than the smaller brimmed fedoras. They can also be called 'rancher' or 'continental' hats. Women love a good fedora as a classic style that is timeless.

Where to buy fedoras?

Hat Attack offers a large selection of hand made fedoras. We hand make our fall wool felt fedoras in our factory in Stamford, CT. Each fedora is blocked and finished by hand by expert hat makers and sewers.